Fabric shopping in South Africa – Metro Lifestyle Montana, Pretoria

Today I’m here to share some info about a fabric shop I stumbled across in Pretoria, South Africa.

We arrived in South Africa nearly two months ago now and are trying to settle into our new life here. My sewing machine and supplies arrived this week but won’t be unpacked for a while as the new baby is due to arrive any day now.

On the way to see the midwife, we drove past a retail park that had an advertisement for Benina sewing machines. So I told hubby we would have to make a quick stop on the way home to investigate further.

The shop was called Metro Lifestyle. On the retail park there were a few Metro Lifestyle shops, each specialising in different products, like phones, entertainment systems or lighting. The shop I was most interested in was the one selling fabrics and haberdashery.

The shop was huge and the fabrics on offer did not disappoint. The amount of different fabric types available was huge. Pretty much everything you need for dress making. There were quilting cottons, viscose, bridal, satin, suede, double gauze, jersey and shirting to name just a few. Lots of different prints and colours on offer.

I snapped a few pictures of fabrics as I walked around. Unfortunately I left my iPhone at home so only had an old android with an awful camera. So please excuse the grainy photos.

The selection of gauze was amazing. So many different colours and prints. My daughter was wearing a shop bought dress today made from double gauze and I was thinking I should make more with this fabric. It’s ideal for hot weather and so soft.

Next up was the jersey section. I really liked this light grey with glittery pink arrows. It had good stretch and recovery.

They had a good selection of jersey prints for children too. I spotted two prints that I owned back in London and purchased from Saeeds in Walthamstow Market! Think I purchased them for around 8 p/m back home and prices were not too different here.

Once you leave the vast fabric section there was a place for browsing and selecting sewing patterns from the Big 4 sewing pattern companies.

I didn’t look to see if the pattern books were the current ones but there seemed to be a big selection.

There was a well stocked haberdashery section, with zips, snaps, pins, buttons, ribbons, trimmings etc as well as a well stocked knitting section.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to explore with a husband and 2 kids trailing behind me. However, I was really impressed with the selection on offer.

The store is only a 10 min drive from our home so I can see myself being a frequent visitor.

Looking at their website, they have branches in Montana, Midrand and Centurion.

Back in the U.K. business rely heavily on an internet/social media presence to advertise their business. I’m finding this is not the case in South Africa. I drove past a children’s petting zoo just a few km from our home that I could not find on an internet search. As with Metro, I would never of known it was there if I hadn’t driven past and noticed the Benina sign.

Hopefully this is the first of many sewing caves I stumble across during my time here.

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