Pregnancy Sewing Plans

I recently found out I’m expecting baby number 3! I wasn’t a regular sewist until after my first was born, but as with baby number 2, being pregnant really affects my sew-jo. That first trimester I don’t even want to look at my machine. I’m also a tea addict and I can’t touch tea during those first 12 weeks either. It’s so weird what those hormones do to you.

Thankfully after those first 3 months my passion returns and things get back to normal (although I’m still waiting for my love of tea and chocolate to return).

When the hormones kicked in and I didn’t want to be near my machine, I decided to use the time to plan what I would like to sew in the future. If I got organised now, when I felt up to it I could dive straight back into sewing.

On an episode of the Love To Sew Podcast, they spoke about using the app Trello to organise sewing stashes and projects. I’m usually a paper and pen kind of girl but I wanted to try something that I could access on my phone wherever I was.

So far I love the app but to be honest I’m not using it to it’s full potential. Really just for list making and being able to tick off tasks as I get to them. A tick in the box makes me fill I’ve achieved something!

My focus was more on my post pregnancy wardrobe rather than maternity wear. I didn’t want to invest much time on clothing I would only be able to wear for 6 months. I’ve planned a couple of maternity tops but the rest is what I can wear post birth. I’ll rely on rtw garments to see my through.

Both my children were breastfed. The youngest for 18 months and I use to get very frustrated about not being able to wear so many clothes in my wardrobe as they weren’t nursing friendly. I ended up wearing the same clothes over and over.

So my focus for my sewing plans were items that had easy access for breastfeeding. There are some good nursing add-ons to existing sewing patterns out there, but I plan on using patterns that I would normally wear that happen to be button fronted or v-neck.

Here is a list of my plans so far. During this pregnancy I’m also trying to emigrate from the UK to South Africa so my picks are chosen with a warmer climate in mind.

I had made a #makenine2018 list before finding out I’m pregnant, but most of those will be on hold until I have a stable body weight. This pregnancy sewing list will be my new #makenine2018.

I’m well aware that I won’t get all these done in the time I have, but as they are not just maternity makes, they can be made once baby is here so no pressure!

1. Style Arc Maude Tunic – a loose fit blouse with button front.

2. Chalk & Notch Fringe Dress – button front version. Also on the Alina Designs Co blog, there’s a useful post about making modifications to make the Fringe dress suitable for maternity wear.

3. Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirtdress – another button front shirt.

4. Tilly and the Buttons Mama Agnes – a maternity pattern for a simple jersey top or dress. I love the versions I’ve seen on Instagram and I’ll be able to use up some of my jersey fabric stash.

5. Jennifer Lauren Mayberry Dress – this dress looks really cute and conveniently has a button front bodice.

6. Named Kielo Wrap Dress – not suitable for nursing, but I’ve wanted a make this dress for ages and thought using a jersey fabric and having waist ties should mean this can be worn with an expanding belly.

7. Named Sointu Kimono Tee – this was on my original #makenine2018 and I still want to make it. It’s oversized so should fit for a while during pregnancy. I recently saw @rou2an1_made over on Instagram still wearing hers at 21 weeks.

8. Made4Mermaids Mama Sommer – a strappy maxi dress that I could just pull down to nurse. It also has the option of either natural waistline or empire bodice, so if I cut the empire, I should be able to wear it during my pregnancy.

9. Sew Over It 1940s Wrap Dress – I’m still in two-minds about this pattern. Not sure if it will suit me, but a wrap front dress would be ideal so it’s on the list.

10. Mimi G for Simplicity Shirtdress – another of my original #makenine2018. I’ve made it before so all Pattern pieces are cut out and ready to go.

11. La Maison Victor Shirtdress – I recently purchased the new English version of La Maison Victor. There’s a cute shirt dress that seems simple in construction, so I added that to the list too.

So far I had a weekend of assembling PDFs so all pattern pieces are cut out for most of them. Hoping to have the fabric cut by the end of the week.

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