Sew Me Wear Me Dreamland Pyjamas

Today I’m blogging about a children’s pyjama pattern. The pattern is from new pattern company Sew Me Wear Me. Who are aiming to launch at the end of September.

I think they plan to sell this pattern in sizes 2 – 6 years. I tested the 3 year old size for my daughter.

The pattern is described as “blending the classic style of poplin pyjamas trousers with
the comfort of jersey”.

The pyjama top is long sleeved and is to be made from a jersey. There are so many cool kids jersey prints out there it’s hard to pick just one.
I had some art gallery fabric in my stash left over from my Closet Case Files Nettie (that I’ve cut out but not actually made!). So I made the first top out of that. I’m not able to find anywhere currently stocking it to link to as it’s an old print from April Rhodes. It’s such a soft jersey fabric, perfect for the little ones.

The second top I made out of an Alexander Henry knit fabric, called Just Hanging. Lots of cute animals that my daughter likes to point out. When Alexander Henry launched some of their prints in knit I was so excited, but there weren’t many UK shops stocking the prints.

There’s a fantastic Facebook group called The Fabric Candy Shoppe, based in the US, run by the lovely Angela & Valerie who offer lower prices on yardage if you pre order with them. You do have to pay the shipping to the UK which isn’t cheap, however I find even with postage included it works out cheaper or the same as UK prices. I only use them if it’s prints that I think will be difficult to find here.

Anyway back to the pattern. The pattern comes with instructions to add an appliqué shape on the front of the top. There are a few templates also included within the pattern. I chose not to use them as my prints were so busy it wouldn’t show clearly.

The trousers are to be made from a woven fabric. I made 3 pairs, all from different fabric types. There is an option for shorts rather than trousers, but British weather being what it is I kept them all long. The shorts would be great for all those left over fabrics you’ve been stashing away as only a small amount is required.

I used a Disney quilting cotton from Springs Creative (again ordered from The Fabric Candy Shoppe), a brushed cotton tartan print that I purchased a few years ago from Fabrics Galore (no longer available but they have other plaid brushed cottons currently available) and a double gauze by Kokka.

The waistband of the trouser is folded over and elastic threaded through. My daughter is petite and has a small waist so I could cut the elastic to suit her measurements.

Construction of the top and the bottoms is quick and easy. You could make a set in an evening. The set would make a great gift, I’m thinking of putting some together for Christmas gifts.

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