Kommatia Hooded Bomber Jacket

Kommatia have recently released a cropped bomber jacket with a hood and I was fortunate enough to be one of the testers.

I love bombers. I had the McCalls 7100 on my #makenine2017 but have now replaced it with the Kommatia version and I’m more than happy with it. So happy in fact, I made two!

The pattern suggests lightweight fabrics so I chose a spun viscose I purchased from @maggiesfabricslondon.

The flowers are on a navy background, not black as it looks in the photo. Maggie’s stall has mostly ex high street fabrics and this one was a remnant that had the fabric content label attached. I wouldn’t have normally thought such a drapey fabric would have been suitable to a bomber jacket, but it is and I am pleased with the finished result.

I had some grey marl ribbing in my stash left over from kids rompers that complimented the navy well.

Construction was quick and easy. I love the batwing arms. The only tricky bit is the zip insertion but it’s not an invisible zip so fairly straight forward. There is also a zip pocket on the arm. A throwback to the original bomber jacket. Although hard to see due to the busy print on this version.

For version 2 I wanted another fun print, but something with a bit more structure this time. I have so much quilting cotton in my stash but not many uses for it when making clothes for myself. I threw caution to the wind and cut into some gorgeous Alexander Henry Frieda fabric I had without trying a muslin in cheap cotton.

I’m pleased to say it worked. Phew! I only had a meter to play with so I used a black polyester type fabric for the sleeves. No idea of the fibre content, I brought a few years ago from a market stall. The black fabric was horrible to work with. I cut it carefully with a rotary cutter but didn’t get round to using it for a week. When I picked it up again it didn’t resemble the original sleeve shape at all. So I re cut it again. Luckily they are loose sleeves and won’t notice too much if they don’t hold their shape.

I brought some black ribbing from Pink Scissors fabric shop who specialises in jersey prints. The black doesn’t match the black of the sleeve exactly but I think I got away with it. 

I’m so happy with this make. A great addition to the wardrobe now it’s getting colder.

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